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      Is a global communication company, which have more than 800 suppliers and customers, only offering high quality voice service, advanced communication technologies, in order to help partners strengthen their business. We have huge advantage of many business destinations,such as Middle East, South Asia, North Africa, Europe and the Americas, we offer both Retail and Wholesale Termination, Multi level Reseller service, Dedicated servers and other communication related services to small, medium and large business organizations. 
      Today our services enable our customers to meet the rigorous demands of end users, opening the door to the efficiencies of converged voice and data network. By maintaining a high level of professionalism and flexibility, we are earning a good reputation for responsiveness and reliability.


————   www.snowflytel.com   ————

Snowfly Telecom is a global service provider for telecommunication. We offer reliable and high-quality voice service to individual clients, provide advanced communication technologies and strict security strategy for corporate clients to help our customers strengthen their business.

We are connected with many carriers across the globe which includes Tier-1 and -2 carriers, resellers, many direct vendors who give us ability to fix the problems on priority basis. Snowfly focus on South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the Americas, we are offering both Retail and WholesaleTermination, Multi level Reseller service, Dedicated servers and other communicationrelated services.

Support 7x24 hours service.

Support Daily Payment via Bank wire, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, RMB.

Support one to one service.


————   www.snowflytel.com   ————

Optimal market price.
Working with many local direct vendors and resellers around the world, so that we have  huge advantage of many popular destinations on price, but without sacrificing quality. What’s more, professional team is responsible for updating the market price every day to ensure that our customers enjoy the latest price advantage.

Guaranteed quality.
A Cli route from us is 100% guaranteed to be and stay pure CLI as well as deliver the desired ASR and ACD. A Ncli route is with
high quality stats as well. Support team 7x24 hours service.  

Payment is timely.
Never pay delay, support Daily Payment. Payment methods diversification, supporting Bank Wire,Western Unoin,
Paypal, Money Gram.

Quality Services.
Snowfly treat all of our business partners as good friends, you will enjoy the best rates and best service from Snowfly. Snowfly take good care of what our friends care about.


————   www.snowflytel.com   ————




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