Product 3.

Notification SMS

Send SMS to notify users of certain information.

Notification SMS

For transfer certain information

Refers to SMS to notify users of certain information, such as logistics notifications, consumption notifications, order notifications, service notifications, etc. notification SMS  are more timely and accurate, which can effectively improve user experience and enhance corporate brand awareness.







  • Snowfly International SMS platform, SMS channel covers 200+ countries and regions.

    Wide coverage

  • SMS triggers registration, and the international nitificaiton SMS is delivered instantly.

    Fast Delivered

  • Real-time monitoring of the operation status of the SMS channel, supporting high TPS and capacity.

    High DR

  • Exclusive channel for international SMS, high security guarantee delivery rate, real-time monitoring of channel operation.

    Dedicated channel

  • More satisfied

    Notification SMS can deliver user information more directly and accurately, and make users more satisfied.


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